Practical information

Getting to Singapore

Changi airport is located at the east of the island. All major flight carriers offer good ticket alternatives. We recommend travelers to check Skyscanner ( when planning their journey to Singapore. Note that Singapore celebrates its 50th anniversary on 10 August 2015 which is pretty cool but travel around those days might be tight (


Si15 is organized in partnership between the Nanyang Technological University and ArtScience Museum. NTU is in the western parts of Singapore, while ASM is in the south; the Arts House is also there (,103.8454093,11z). See Venues for details.

Local travel

The distance between NTU and downtown Singapore (where the Arts House and ArtScience Museum are both located) is approximately 24 km. Taxis are readily available and the journey takes 25 minutes with no traffic, and perhaps 45 minutes during rush hours or heavy rain. Taxi in Singapore is safe and convenient and is less costly than in Europe or North America. The MRT is an excellent low-cost alternative, but set aside 90 minutes to travel the Green Line + Bus 191 from downtown to NTU.


Singapore abounds with accommodation options in all price categories. Our local recommendations include Hotel81 @ Chinatown, Chinatown Hotel, and Naumi Liora Hotel. Hotel 81 is all over town, and there's also AirBnb.


Singapore was named 'Top 10 Best in Travel 2015' by Lonely Planet ( The city-state offers fascinating options for a couple of days of local tourism (check e.g.  If you want to extend your journey, Singapore is the hub of regional tourism. It is easy to travel to places such as Bali, Tioman, and Phuket.

Other events

Check out Singapore International Festival of Arts. During the Soundislands Festival week, there's an interesting performance on Saturday evening (which is pretty much the only evening that Si15 isn't offering somehing..;)