Sound is a medium that acts as a glue between the senses. Hearing is deeply intertwined with vision and movement. Beyond that, researchers and artists are mapping out crossmodal associations with touch, smell, feel, and taste, leading to new and fascinating interaction designs, architecture, and culinary experiences, as well as a veritable coral reef of artworks. The interaction, “~sound:senses”, is the core theme of both the festival and the symposium.


Keynote speakers are interaction design specialist Stefania Serafin and crossmodality researcher Charles Spence.


Invited artists are audiovisual performer Ryoji Ikeda, film-maker and choreographer Daniel Belton, and electronica duos CLUBbleu and Black Zenith.


The events are organised in close partnership with ArtScience Museum. Si15 has received funding from CLASS and the School of Art Design Media at Nanyang Technological University, the National Art Council, the Italian Cultural Institute, Bollywood Veggies, the New Zealand Art Council, and peer support from the Asia Computer Music Project and the International Computer Music Association.