The NTU/ADM Symposium on Sound and Interactivity aims to bring together researchers, artists, and scholars working with sound and interactivity in all ways creative.

At the core of the concept of interactivity lies the connection of the various sensory modalities: hearing, proprioception, sight, taste, touch, and so forth. Technical means have been developed to extend human capacity in all domains, both in regards to perception and to expression, but there is much that remains unknown as to the integration of modalities. Sound is a medium whose practitioners have seemingly always been inclined towards intermodality (cf. ancient rites, operatic Gesamtkunstwerk, cinema). The first artworks made with a computer were musical compositions. More recently, sound and music have proven fertile domains for research in the affective sciences, as well as in information retrieval. The fluency of sound, its invisible and intangible nature, and because it can only happen inside time, seems key to an understanding the human condition - brain, body and soul. In numerous fields of application, sound integrates with other media, often in a supportive but essential capacity. The Symposium puts a focus on sound in itself and its relation to other media, enabling interactivity. We invite researchers, artists, and scholars to share their thoughts on sound and interactivity, and come to NTU/ADM, 14-16 November 2013.

PerMagnus Lindborg, Chair

V. Somasundram, Co-chair (proceedings)