call for participation

Welcome to SI13: NTU/ADM Symposium on Sound and Interactivity, 14-16 November 2013 (!

NTU's School of Art, Design, Media is hosting a concert + two-day symposium on Sound and Interactivity 14-16 November 2013, sponsored by the CLASS scheme of the College of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences, the School of Art, Design, Media, and iNTeract@NTU. The event will be held at SADM, Singapore.

The event aims to bring together researchers, artists, and scholars working with sound and interactivity in all ways creative. Roger Dean of MARCS, Sydney, and Diemo Schwarz of IRCAM, Paris, are keynote speakers.

At the core of the concept of interactivity lies the connection of the various sensory modalities: hearing, proprioception, sight, taste, touch, and so forth. Technical means have been developed to extend human capacity in all domains, both in regards to perception and to expression, but there is much that remains unknown as to the integration of modalities. Sound is a medium whose practitioners have seemingly always been inclined towards intermodality (cf. ancient rites, operatic Gesamtkunstwerk, cinema). The first artworks made with a computer were musical compositions. More recently, sound and music have proven fertile domains for research in the affective sciences, as well as in information retrieval. The fluency of sound, its invisible and intangible nature, and because it can only happen inside time, seems key to an understanding the human condition - brain, body and soul. In numerous fields of application, sound integrates with other media, often in a supportive but essential capacity. The Symposium puts a focus on sound in itself and its relation to other media, enabling interactivity. We invite researchers, artists, and scholars to share their thoughts on sound and interactivity, and come to NTU/ADM, 14-16 November 2013.

*NEW* A "Best Student Paper Travel Award" of 500 SGD will be awared to an active participant travelling to Singapore from abroad.

Submissions as Papers, Artworks, or Others, can now be made using EasyChair (, until 1 October 2013.

Topics of interest include:
3D audio
acoustic ecology
aesthetics of sound and interactivity
AI in music
app design
audio games
audiovisual installation
audiovisual performance
computer-assisted analysis
computer-assisted composition
field recording
game audio
haptic interfaces
interactive art involving sound
live coding
music automata
music emotion
music information retrieval
robot musicians
sound art
soundscape design
sound design
sound in multimedia
visual music

Important dates
20 August: 1st call
1 October: deadline for abstract submissions
10 October: acceptance results
10 November: deadline for camera-ready papers (3-6 pages) for inclusion in proceedings
14 November: concert (ADM Auditorium)
15-16 November: spoken presentations (ADM 3D Screening Theatre)

Submissions can be made in either of three categories: Papers, Artworks, Other, using EasyChair (, until 1 October 2013. All submissions will be reviewed for scientific and artistic merit by a committee (double-blind, please blank out author names).

- Paper submissions should be 400-500 words (‘"extended abstract’").
- Artwork submissions should be 200-300 words in writing and include a clear description of technical requirements. The text may include a weblink to an anonymous media source (e.g. jpeg, mp3, mov) with an excerpt of the artwork.
- Other submissions (e.g. soundwalks, piece+paper, software demo, workshop) should be 200-300 words in writing. To be considered, the scope and requirements must be clearly outlined in the abstract. The text may include a weblink to an anonymous media source (e.g. jpeg, mp3, mov) as appropriate to the submission.

Authors of accepted Papers will be invited to present at the event either orally (25 minutes in plenum), as poster (5 minutes in plenum + poster). For either, we encourage preparation of full papers (3-6 pages, template TBC) for inclusion in the proceedings.

Authors of accepted Artworks will be invited to present live at the Symposium concert on 14 November. Video projection, stage presentation, and multipoint diffusion are conceivable (but cannot be guaranteed).

Registration will be open between 10 October and 10 November. There is a limited number of Symposium seats available so we encourage early registration. All are welcome, but priority will be given to speakers of accepted papers.

Your fee contribution partly covers catering, proceedings, and other direct costs.

Review Committee
(double-blind review process; names of PC members will be released after submission deadline)

Symposium Chair
PerMagnus Lindborg

Organising Committee
V. Somasundram
Poh Zhuang Yi
PerMagnus Lindborg